The trends

Adopt the "perfect look" 

Trendy and easy to wear, brushing is the "perfect finish" by excellence ! 
The Studio EY Coiffure's team offers brushing style for every hair type.
More glamorous than ever, brushing is doing at all times.


Super chic or falsely neglected, there is a hair buns for every life opportunity.

Bun, high bun or in the bottom, dancer's bun, braided bun, wise glamour or rock 'n' roll, it adapts to any hair style. Undoubtedly the bun is always fashionable !


Are you romantic?

You constantly hesitate between attach or detach your hair?

Try the mid-attached or half-cock hairstyles ! It can be worn in casual chic and perfect hair and is suitable for both on smooth or wavy hair.






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